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  Improves indoor Air Quality Did you know?

Indoor Air Quality

Central Vacuum Systems have been clinically proven to remove more dust and dirt from carpets, upholstery and more.
You can get relief from allergies by as much as 61% fewer symptoms by installing a Central Vacuum System.

Why use a conventional handheld upright vacuum that simply recirculates the dust and 
pollution in your home?
Now you can have a cleaner home and healthier environment for you and your family 
with a Central Vacuum System. This clinically proven highly effective system 
will remove 100% of all contacted pollutants from your homes carpets, upholstery and 
even curtains including the following:

• Dirt of all types and sizes
• Dust mites
• Pollen
• Dander of all types
• Any other allergens you can name

Don’t suffer any longer from allergies when a central vacuum system from Homewave can eliminate more allergy causing pollutions and give you a cleaner and healthier home environment.

ALA Recommends Central Vacuum Systems

The leading authority on safe air conditions, the American Lung Association, recommends 
that any home with more than 70% of its flooring in carpet have central vacuum systems installed to reduce pollutants and allergies. 

Doctors and Vets Recommend the Deep Cleaning of Central Vacuum Systems

There are over 100 million people in the US who own pets, and yet easily 10 million of these animal lovers are allergic to their own pets. Obviously that doesn’t stop them from keeping
the pets, often in their homes. The deep cleaning you get with a Central Vacuum System is the perfect antidote to those itchy watery eyes and stuffy or running noses

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Did you know that a Cana-Vac central vacuum will exhaust 100% of vacuumed pollens, petdander and other allergens out of your home?





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